If your profile picture disappears, they are deceiving you

Another scam attacking the most used apps in the world. What did criminals find and how do you defend yourself.

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It is the most used app in the world and fraudsters throw themselves into it. There are countless attempts to steal data and money, and the last 6-digit code returned to users’ routes during the holiday season. Once again, WhatsApp has become a target for cybercriminals. The app uses all possible measures to protect its subscribers, but sometimes a particular subscriber can escape.

Hopefully not. WhatsApp is one of the most used platforms but also the most targeted before TricksJust like recently: Criminals are infiltrating millions of users who text and call each other, especially during holidays. User testimonials were abundant and suggested a new disturbing scenario.

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WhatsApp: Is your profile picture disappearing? What do they do to your contacts

Several people in the past few days have been dealing with a new form of fraud. He acts by stealing his profile picture first, then he literally tries to steal money from friends. Basically, criminals use our profile picture to create a fake account which will then go and ask, in every way possible, the money to be paid on the deferred payment.

Fraudsters call numbers Address Book Stolen in a way the nature of which is not yet known. So, the first thing to do if your profile picture disappears and when it does, is to call the post police right away.

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Unfortunately, it’s not the only scam involving the world’s most used social network. Phishing hackers are flocking to WhatsApp and creating the most diverse ways to be able to deceive the largest number of users: From fake supermarket coupons, To the 6-digit code, even birthday greetings. The advice is to always be careful and not open links of questionable origin.

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