Hey Google, the new Fiat 500 special series

Google Assistant technology meets the world of 500Made of coolness, determination and creativity. Thus was born the special series which, thanks to the integration between Mopar Connect and Google Assistant in “My Fiat” Action, allows customers to connect to their vehicle remotely even when they are not on board.

Using his voice, the car owner can ask, receive information about the vehicle and interact with it through a smartphone or using the Google Nest Hub, the smart screen. The Fiat 500 remains the usual successful car However Hey Google special seriesIt, once again, offers a smart, simple and intuitive solution that makes everyday life easier. It takes another step in how you interact with your car when you’re not driving: Actually, wherever you are, just say the words “Hey Google, ask My Fiat …” to find out where your car is parked. Or available fuel or the location of the nearest garage and much more.

The famous voice assistant Hey Google It will also be able to issue commands such as locking and unlocking doors and flashing hazard lights. When it comes to the 500, the Model comes first. For Hey Google Special Series, the stylistic language of 500 and Google Meets, giving life to gorgeous paint, it runs on two primary colors like white and glossy black for ceiling and mirror caps.

for the first time On the global auto scene, the Hey Google badge is featured on the arcs, while both center columns are decorated with elements inspired by Google’s colors. Inside, we find the same theme on the new seat upholstery with embroidered Hey Google, while the matte silver dashboard stripe with the white 500 logo. The signature “Hey Google” also appears on the welcome screen with a 7-inch touch screen on the panel.

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You can’t miss it too Welcome group You receive at the time of purchase, inside Google Shopper, you will find a custom Nest Hub machine with a custom 500 frame, key cover and welcome message with the steps to follow to complete the setup.

Hey Google, the new Fiat 500 family

Family Hey Google’s new Fiat 500 game

500 iconic icons in the special Hey Google edition It comes in glossy black and white, 15-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, new darker interiors, a soft-touch sporty steering wheel with steering wheel controls and a new matte silver dashboard with a white 500 logo. The car is equipped with a 70 hp Euro 6D-Final Hybrid. The colors are also available in Gelato White, Pastel Gray, Vesuvius Black, Pompeii Gray and Italy Blue.

Also 500X (Renewed for 2021) He wears a two-tone livery Glossy black and white. It displays 16-inch alloy wheels, fog lights and tinted windows. Inside, the matte silver seats and dashboard with the White 500 logo, the soft-touch steering wheel, height-adjustable driver’s seat and front armrest are all new. The car is equipped with Euro6D-Final petrol engines, one-liter Firefly 120hp, 1.3L 150hp, two 1.3L 95hp and 1.6 130hp Multijet diesel. Passione Red, Gelato White, Silver Gray, Fashion Gray, Italy Blue and Cinema Black are also available.

And finally 500L Hey Google, It features white and glossy black colors and 16-inch wheels. New seats, matte silver dashboard with white 500 logo, Euro6D-Final 1.4-liter petrol engines with 95-hp or 1.3 Multijet 95 bhp turbo diesel.

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