Update 3.03 exacerbates graphics, it’s not a bug –

Epic Games recently released a patch, 15.30, for its battle royal. It is an electronic gameHe, however, recently received a new one Update, the number 3.03. This is an all-platform update, with special fixes for PC and PS5. Among all the changes, there is one that will affect the players: Graphics deteriorated – In Performance Mode – this is not a bug.

As you can see for yourself in the Fortnite Status tweet below, Epic Games has made it clear that it has made a decision to reduce the texture quality when a player chooses Performance Mode. Because? As you might have already guessed, since doing so The frame rate is more stable and higher Technical problems are avoided.

We definitely can’t fault Epic Games for this choice: after all, if a player chooses Performance Mode, they want to aim for the highest frame rate possible. Other graphics modes have not been changedOr at least there are no indications. However, as mentioned, this isn’t the only change made to Fortnite.

For the PS5 release, Fortnite Status shows it was Stability issues fixed. Computer performance issues were limited, although DX 12 users might still have problems. A cycle-related bug and a bug in Creative Mode have also been fixed.

Also, Epic Games selects What are the known Fortnite problems It is in the process of being resolved. On PS5, some players experience a crash when using the Leviathan Ax of Kratos expression. However, on all versions, the phone boxes do not respect the island settings when the “start with ax” setting is set to “No”: For now, the only way to avoid the problem is to set “Yes”. Finally, the 3D motion graphics setting is set to 75% automatically on every boot, even if the player has saved a value of 100% in the previous session.

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We also point out that a crossover with Five Nights at Freddy’s is coming for data.

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