Humans will soon be immortal: history revealed

Medical advances have accelerated in recent years. There are even those who believe that immortality is within easy reach.

From the Philosopher’s Stone to the Fountain of Youth, there are many legends revolving around the concept of immortality. Novels have been written and movies made about humanity’s dream of being able to live forever, and there are indeed those who believe that the finish line is now near. It’s about computer science Ray Kurzweil who gained some fame as a modern Nostradamus. In 1990 he had actually made 147 assumptions about scientific achievements. who are they 115 turned out to be correct And many others are very close to what happened.

What if life no longer has limits in a few years? –

So one wonders if he is right in this case as well and we are very close to that goal. Kurzweil predicts that the technology could catch on within a few years Prevent aging of human bodies. The year 2030 seems so close that this statement is considered risky, but the computer world also has an idea of ​​how to achieve this.

In fact, talk about the specials Nanobots to be grown In the body to repair damaged tissues and organs and thus improve life expectancy. Moreover, Kurzweil predicts that by then medicine will have discovered new treatments for diseases that remain incurable even today, such as some types of tumors.

Crossing biological boundaries is now a small matter

This vision of information technology is based on its advancementartificial intelligence which has recently continued to progress at an impressive rate. ChatGPT’s success is just the beginning for Kurzweil who already believes that by 2029 AI will be able to beat it. Turing test.

This is the test to determine whether the car Have your own idea It was first developed in the 1950’s by a famous mathematician. Since then many scholars have made changes to it but the basic idea has remained the same. It will pass the test when you know the machine Show random behavior.

If not on the physical level, then immortality will come through memory –

On a technological level, Kurzweil believes that the aforementioned nanobots could also offer an alternative path to immortality. In short, savings Conscience is like any backup, connecting people’s minds to a cloud over the Internet. One will not become eternal on the physical plane but as a virtual intelligence in turn. An image that seems to have been extrapolated from “Ready Player One” which this world sees possible in a short time, no later than the year 2045.

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