Alfa Romeo is in crisis, from 2023 cars will be produced on demand –

Alfa Romeo is rethinking itself. The historic home brand of Arese, which is currently producing at the Cassino plant between 10 and 15% of its potential, is changing its strategy. A story that was not re-launched to the end, a affair that even Sergio Marchionne did not succeed in, although he wanted to make it the premium brand of the Fiat Galaxy (now Stellantis). Now try to revitalize yourself by cutting costs. The introduction of a production-based business model tailored to customer requests. In compliance with the $5 billion synergy strategy outlined by Stellantis CEO, Carlos Tavares, at the dawn of the merger between FCA and PSA. CEO Jean-Philippe Imbrato described the new model right on time After meeting with the associations of Italian dealers of the brands Alfa, Ds and Lancia. Until 2026, Alfa Romeo, DS and Lancia will be launched once a year. The Tonale SUV will be produced from March 2022 (in Pomigliano, so) and going on sale in Italy in June 2022, Imparato said has ruled out the brand’s participation at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show (he said it’s not part of my spending plans for 2022).

The new model – the CEO of Alfa Romeo explained – will be ‘made to order’ For at least 80%: We wouldn’t produce cars unless we had the end customer. At the beginning of 2021, we’re at 38%, and we’ll go to 80% in 2023. This will allow us and our distributors to better manage costs to avoid waste. We shouldn’t produce cars that don’t have customers because stocks are cancer, and no car should stay more than 90 days in the parking lot. The challenge of conducting a highly accurate production control. There is no effect of factories because of Normal to do car if you have clients. You can decide based on the geographical destination, for example by first producing cars that will go to the US and Japan with longer logistics times. Factory life does not change, but there is more control over production and logistics.

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Lancia will introduce three new models Between 2024 and 2028, an average of once every two years. Luca Napolitano, head of the Lancia brand, which has currently ruled out a return to sports competitions, explained that the first electric car will arrive in 2024, the new Ypsilon, which will also be in a hybrid version. I want to take one step at a time, he said, and that step must be the right one. Napolitano who added that from 2026 Lancia will produce electric cars only, so the new Delta will be electric only and reiterated its intention to land in other markets, starting with Italy. We will go where electric cars are sold, France, Germany and the Nordic countries, with an emphasis on major cities. For now, I don’t want to lose leadership of the B-Class in Italy, then I want to be successful with the new models and with the Lancia landing in Europe.

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