Eriksen and the opponent’s gesture that stunned everyone

This afternoon couldn’t be better Christian Eriksen. He wore the starting shirt from cardiac arrest with Denmark at Euro 2020 last June, played the whole match and watched his team, Brentford, returns to success after a negative streak that lasted nine matches. Today’s showman was another, Evan Tonythe author of a hat-trick (two goals from penalty kicks, within five minutes, in the second half).

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Howe on Eriksen’s return to the field: ‘Great moment for football’

Eriksen: Coincidence

A rather strange coincidence in the game Norwich Brentford. It was already judged Anthony Taylorthe same person who moderated the meeting he saw in Copenhagen Eriksen Get sick and collapse to the ground. One of the many people who helped save Dane’s life that day by quickly calling for help to intervene. Even today, even if it is a different nature, we can talk about the feeling between the race director and Eriksenwhere he missed two penalties for his team, the first after reviewing the procedure on the screen.

‘Eriksen, starting the NFL quarterback’

Such as daily MailToday Eriksen He did a good job what is his specialty, which is the passes for several meters to his teammates, as if he was an NFL quarterback. Its performance is defined as “great”. At one point in the match, the former Inter and Tottenham player fell back Brandon Williams Until it stops and falls. The latter immediately turned around and was very angry. Then he put his hands on his chest Eriksen And he was ready for a backlash. However, when he noticed who he was facing, he changed his stance. I hugged him and smiled at him. Eriksen He was surprised and hugged him back. The two smile together. The whole audience cheered. For the rest, it will be reported as Eriksen Both of them got into the work of the first target, although not directly helped them. But even without being on the scoring list for goals or assists, the important thing is that he’s back as a starting player for the first time in months.

Eriksen, what a delight!  Back in the field after 8 months

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Eriksen, what a delight! Back in the field after 8 months

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