Here comes the school of smartphones for the elderly, and here they can learn how to use it well

Do you have grandparents who want to learn to use a smartphone? There is a place where they teach the elderly how to use it properly.

The introduction of the smartphone into our daily lives has been instrumental in making our working lives easier; If we only think about the payments that we can make online, through applications, we can already realize the benefits that this tool offers. Leave everything aside Arguing about the fact that we are slaves to the phone, it cannot be denied that, in practice, we can no longer do without it. On the other hand, let’s think about how useful it can be to make us feel lonely during a pandemic!

Grandparents can learn to use smartphones, and there is a school for them
Grandpa wants to learn to use a smartphone? There is finally

Even for the elderly, the smartphone was a revolution! It was already difficult to accustom them to mobile phones, and this new phone is even more difficult for those who are not familiar with technology. Some, more inclined or just curious, have tried and may have succeeded after many mishaps along the way. Who has never happened that a grandmother with a smartphone made video calls in the middle of the night by typing by mistake? But it is important that they also get tested because the benefit of this tool also applies to the elderly.

Let’s see together where the elderly can learn to use a smartphone for free

We said how useful a smartphone is from a practical point of view for all of us, young and old, but we must not forget the elderly; Especially those who are not familiar with technology. Fortunately, someone thought of it and created a place where knowledge is shared Our ancestors are taught to use this tool and the various possibilities that are so necessary today.

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Finally a place where seniors are taught to use a smartphone
There is a place where knowledge is shared and seniors learn to use a smartphone –

There really is this place where old people meet young people and share their experiences: Grandparents learn from children to use smartphones and young adults to do activities that older adults can teach them, such as knitting, building something, or remembering historical facts. Parents often don’t have time for this, they have to work but grandparents have and make it available. The initiative by the Romanian ACLI and the provinces, at the headquarters of Garbatella and outside, these meetings are held until 31 July.

The initiative is impressive because it creates the possibility of encounters between these distant generations that are rarely possible in everyday life! Kids are intent on learning things they don’t know that are part of the cultural traditions of other generations, and grandparents are excited to finally be able to use their smartphones.. But there’s more, older people are often more alone in the summer, and the prospect of feeling engrossed in something meaningful with younger people is sure to make their summer more enjoyable.

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