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Apple will unveil the new iPhone 13 on Tuesday, September 14, in a special event that will be broadcast at 7 p.m. (Italian time) from the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apple’s recent summer events are usually the most anticipated by analysts and technologists – and of course by those interested in changing smartphones – because in addition to showing the most important news, they provide good indications of Apple’s plans for the future. The richest companies in the world. The company continues to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year, especially thanks to iPhones, but it has been dealing for some time now with Reason in Tribunal And antitrust investigations may prompt it to review some of its trade policies, starting with those in the App Store.

By tradition, Apple has not provided previews of what will be presented on Tuesday, but in recent weeks a lot of information has been circulating on and off tech websites, with fairly detailed information on iPhones and upcoming new products.

iPhone 13
Apple should call the new models ‘iPhone 13’, despite speculation in recent months that this year’s versions could be called ‘iPhone 12S’, with ‘S’ usually used by the company to refer to mid-range versions of its smartphones, those who have fewer innovations.

The same size
Experts expect the resumption of the lineup of new models last year, with gradually increasing screen sizes and capacities: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Aesthetically, the new versions will be almost identical to last year’s models, although it is likely that the new iPhone 13 will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 12. Apple has also worked on the back of the device to manufacture it. less slippery and improved grip, but there aren’t many other details about this mod.

iPhone 12 (Apple)

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst who usually provides reliable information on the company’s plans, Reported That the new iPhones will use a new type of screen (LTPO), which will allow to reduce battery consumption and at the same time increase the refresh frequency (up to 120 Hz), which makes the visualization of the contents and especially improves the performance of video games.

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A similar type of display is already used in Apple Watches, which made it possible to have the watch face always on. A similar feature should also be present on the new iPhones, for the first time: when you’re not using the phone, the screen will always show the time, battery level, and possibly notifications.

The somewhat overlapping presence of different camera lenses already seen on models of past years will still be in the new models, but according to some progress The system will be covered with glass to better protect the lenses and at the same time hide the presence of multiple lenses.

iPhone 12 Pro Max (Apple)

The iPhone 13 Pro will likely have a camera equal to that of the more powerful iPhone 13 Pro Max, reducing the differences between the two models compared to what has happened so far with previous versions of the iPhone. The ultra-wide angle lens has been revised with an improved focusing system.

Taking into account the changes, a new function will also be introduced to improve the display of images captured at night in the starry sky.

New iPhones will have more powerful units to use 5G signal of new high-speed cellular networks, with some functionality previously only available in the US that will be extended to other countries to make connections faster. There have also been reports of the iPhone 13 being able to receive satellite communications, but only for emergency messages.

The various iPhone 12 models unveiled last year showed a slight decrease in battery life, in part due to the addition of 5G. The new iPhone 13 will have a slightly larger battery that will solve the problem, even if it will make the new smartphones a little heavier than their predecessors.

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For the first time, iPhones will also be sold in one 1 TB version (1 terabyte, equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes), according to some usually trusted analysts.

The A14 Bionic processor installed on different versions of the iPhone 12 is currently among the most powerful, so it is expected that its successor will be available on the iPhone 13 under the name A15 Bionic and that it is an evolution of the current model.

The new line of iPhone 13 will continue to use cables with a Lightning connector to charge and transfer data via the cable. So Apple’s system will not replace the USB-C standard at the moment, which is now used by most manufacturers of smartphones and other devices.

(An apple)

In recent months, Apple has updated its iPad Pro, while it has not made much news on its other tablets. A new release of the iPad mini and the base model of the iPad is long overdue. It is not clear if the two devices will be presented during the event on Tuesday or during a subsequent surprise presentation, between October and November as it has at times in the past.

iOS and more
Apple will announce the release dates for the latest versions of its operating systems, the features of which were introduced in late spring and early summer. The news will include: iOS 15 for iPhone, watchOS 8 for Apple Watches, tvOS 15 for Apple TV, macOS Monterey for Mac, and iPadOS 15 for iPad.

Apple Watch 7
In recent weeks, major tech sites have reported that the new Apple Watch, expected for Tuesday’s event, will feature a new design that’s almost less than the one that’s been kept for a few years. It will have bezels similar to those reintroduced last year with the iPhone 12. The dial should be a few millimeters larger, both for the smaller version and for the larger version.

A hypothesis about the design of the upcoming Apple Watch 7 (

Production of the new Apple Watch suffered some slowdown in the summer months, due to a change in design that required some updates on the production lines. So Apple could decide not to announce the new smartwatches, or to introduce them, however, by reporting longer-than-normal delivery times.

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There should be no other particular news to be governed by developments released in recent weeks. It is unlikely that Apple will provide any news regarding Mac computers, after those already announced during the year that affected many of its PC models.

The event will be streamed online starting at 7pm (Italian time) and can be followed on the Apple website or live on YouTube.

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