On Candy Crush there is the first goal of Cupertino –

In the process between Apple e Epic Games The first was recorded Wrong move For the Cupertino Company. In fact, Apple’s witnesses failed to play the Candy Crush Via browser, and thus disavow their thesis that it is not necessary to have an app to have an excellent experience on iOS.

The witness called on Apple to prove that there were no “frictions” for users in using the browser and in purchases of the app professor Lauren Hitt From the University of Pennsylvania Wharton, he was arrested by an Epic Games attorney.

In fact, Hitt has provided a list of games that can be used indifferently across the browser and in the app to show how, if desired, there is for Epic Games the possibility of using web applications to avoid paying a fee. 30% commissions an Apple.

It is a pity that many of the games on the ledger list, which are ultimately the 25 most played games on the App Store, cannot be used on a mobile phone. It can only be played in the browser from the desktop. Auditions are conducted on Candy Crush Saga and Clash Royale. In the latter case, moreover, it is expressly said that all payment information is managed by Google and Apple and not by the developer. Therefore, according to an Epic lawyer, it is impossible for a player to make transactions via the App Store and then return to play on the browser.

Even more exciting is the fact that more than half of the presented list, in fact, does not even contain a matching browser, as indicated by the testimonial. Testimony based on the research of Prof. A team of experts The one who made critical mistakes, not to mention a regular user who could not count on a “team of 5 business graduates”.

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“When the team and I tried to shop via the browser, the process was very simple,” Hett explained to the referee. However, despite this, this testimony looked like a Point in favor At Epic Games.

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