Deathloop is nothing like El Marog, time loops have limits to their exploitation –

Deathlope It is one of the most promising games to come in the coming months. We are talking about a first-person shooter who will trap us inside a cycle of death and killing. Now, through an interview with PlayStation Official Magazine UK, we can read the words of game director Dinga Bakaba confirming this We should not consider this game a rogue-like game.

“This time loop is something imperfect. There are limits, so a more experienced player will know how to operate in each part. Most goals are predictable.” However, this does not mean that every time loop will be identicalFor example, a “visionary” could try to kill us in a game and could fail, so next time he would avoid repeating the same mistake. Things can change between the Deathloop games and players will have to adapt accordingly.

The time loop that will make us start over every time It will not affect our equipment: There will be new upgrades, weapons, powers, and perks to obtain. We shouldn’t think of Dithloop as akin to Elrogus that every time we start from the beginning with random gear. We will be able to “create our own arsenal”.

We remind you that Dithloop awaits PC and PS5 on May 21, 2021. At the moment there is no information on other console versions. If you want to watch the game in action, here’s a new gameplay video explaining Bethesda’s shooter.

Deathloop is one of the most promising games to come

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