ETA Airlines: Agreement signed with trade unions regarding an employment contract. Here comes the award score

ETA Airways and the unions have reached an agreement on a collective bargaining agreement.

The agreement puts an end to a difficult conflict that arose after negotiations stalled in September over the terms of employment for staff hired by the new airline, which is controlled by the Economy Ministry.

At the meeting, which began today, Thursday, December 2 at 3 pm, the CEO, Alfredo Altavilla, outlined the proposals that came as a result of a confrontation that had already taken place under the radar with some unions.

Performance bonus was provided to all employees

Performance Bonus is offered to all ITA Airways employees which will be calculated by combining the company’s economic profitability with customer satisfaction measured through the approved NPS (Net Promotion Points) system. This variable component will represent 15% of the salary level, and will be expressed on the basis of six months. The conditions for 2022 remain unchanged, while in line with what has already been expected by other airlines that have reduced wages due to the pandemic, from 2023 there will be a gradual reorganization of the wage elements, starting with a 3% increase for pilots and 1% for flight attendants.

the undersigned

The agreement enables the company regulation, enforced unilaterally by ETA, to be converted into a national collective agreement. The contract was signed by Assaereo with the labor unions, who also signed an additional corporate contract with Ita. Of the 10 guilds held by ETA, the Confederate guilds Cgil, Cisl, and Uil, then Ugl, Anpac, Anpav, Anp, and Fast Confasal, according to sources close to the file. They did not sign USB and Navaid. The Trasporte cub was not invited to the table.

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