Flawless dress and children

Kate Middleton She is the current Princess of Wales and the wife of the eldest son CarloAnd William. A woman is always impeccable in her attitude and her way of being a princess. Also today, Saturday, May 6, is the coronation King Charles She did not deny herself and is always beautiful and complete.

Kate Middleton at the coronation of King Charles: the dress

Kate Middleton At the coronation of King Charles he wore a suit Alexander McQueen. The dress also includes a cape and tiara embroidered with the symbols of the United Kingdom and in the colors of their country’s flag. Additionally, Princess of Wales honors Queen Elizabeth II with the necklace and Lady Diana with pearl earrings.

Alexander McQueen dress for a while Kate Middleton, first as a duchess and then as a princess, but also on the most important occasions in which women are protagonists. In this case, the cape dress pays homage to the hand-embroidered symbols of the United Kingdom. We can admire: the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the Welsh daffodil and the Irish clover.

On her head, the Princess of Wales wears a kind of crown, which, in fact, is a headdress. like my mother Kate The little girl is wearing it Charlotte in a mini version. The headdress is silver, with crystal and leaf embroidery. It is a nod to the natural world and environment so dear to King Charles III.

The dress with the cape is also in the colors of the UK flag: blue, white and red. This signifies the ownership of the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton Which certainly does not go unnoticed. Women are always flawless and always look perfect for every occasion.

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Kate Middleton next to her husband William She is radiant and stunning in her role. Ready for the time when she will be the next Queen of the United Kingdom.

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