Indiana Jones will be set in Italy according to Bethesda fan –

Announcement Indiana Jones, A new game from MachineGames and Bethesda, struck everyone like a thunderbolt of the blue. However, Bethesda and movie fans immediately got to work looking for every clue in the video and came to the conclusion that the video game could be A group in Italy Or at least our peninsula is one place.

All we know officially is that Indiana Jones will be “at the height of his career” and that the story told by MachineGames will be original, so it won’t be a simple reenactment of a movie’s adventures. However, fans noticed that there was an Plane ticket to Rome, dated October 21, 1937. So the game could be placed a year after Raiders of the Lost Ark and a year before the events of The Last Crusade.

It looks like Indiana Jones is heading towards Vatican City, As shown on a large map below the plane ticket. Additionally, video game writer Jordan Oloman has managed to copy some of them Scripts in the movie. Jones appears to have written letters to a priest: “Dad [nome oscurato]… Thank you for the time you set aside for me … With this written request … I will arrive in Rome … I have been informed that your contact will be waiting for me. ”

Plus, GamesRadar’s Leon Hurley suggested one Speculation: The biennium 36/37 thinks Mussolini Approach Hitler; Taking advantage of this historical fact would allow linking the Italian adventure of Indiana Jones to the classic struggle with the Nazis. Moreover, in 1937, Mussolini obtained the Spada del Islam – which can be seen in the tweet below – is a symbol of the alliance between Italy and Yusef Krupesk, an Berber leader. This artifact would be perfect for the game’s story, even if it wasn’t a biblical object.

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For now it is clearly just speculation. Awaiting the official details, you can watch the Indiana Jones trailer in our dedicated news.

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