Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are coming, more confirmations –

nintendo switch online Looks like it’s destined to render games too Game boy e game boy color For subscribers according to another Confirmation of rumors In addition to the various other items that have appeared so far, reinforcing the premise of this interesting additional bonus on the Nintendo Switch.

For some time now there has been talk (and hopefully more than anything else) of an increase in the expected platforms of the catalog of classic games. Offered free to subscribers To the Nintendo Switch Online month to month, the arrival of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color is clearly imminent, considering that the information was also confirmed in these hours by, based on an unknown source “” close to the question.

The inclusion of Game Boy and GB Color games actually came out a few days ago, starting with the insider Nate the Hate and also supported by Nintendo Life, so now it’s third source It adds to the chorus that’s starting to get compelling.

At the moment, Nintendo Switch Online offers a catalog of approx 80 NES games and 50 SNES With related Nintendo Switch apps, all are free to download and play by those with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. After a rather quick start, updates to the catalog are less frequent, and moreover it also features rather strange options, as also seen in the free games in July 2021.

It is still hoped that Nintendo will decide to expand the catalogs significantly by introducing other platforms, or at least offer something similar to the excellent catalogs. virtual console It was seen on the Wii and Wii U, but for now it seems that this is not part of the company’s plans, which may nonetheless introduce Game Boy and Game Boy Color soon, perhaps on the occasion of 3rd Anniversary From Nintendo Switch Online, which falls in September.

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