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“You should play elden ring“If a wrestler During match An officer you can trust, especially if he’s about to collapse to the ground. The Impossible Really Happened: Pronouncing these words, whose historical significance lies between the significance of Pius VII’s “Non debemus, nonusesumus, non volumus” and Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” AEW star Evil Ono was on the tag team. Battle Royale. Our country was hanging on the ropes and asking for help from Brandon Cutler, who was instead filming an episode of the Being the Elite vlog.

Given the suffering of his colleague, Cutler wanted him to share information of vital importance to humanity: “I haven’t played Elden Ring yet.“One found himself homeless with such frankness, and then uttered the fatal words:”It’s really cool, you should play Elden Ring‘, only to collapse to the ground.

What better game review from FromSoftware than a professional wrestler review that just got a lot of punches?

Honestly, the scene is so surreal that it looks a little prepped (but just a pinch). Whatever the case, it’s impossible to say if it was a publicity stunt or not, but the truth is that it looks more like a comic sketch than the dramatic moment of a warrior’s fall. After all, we’re talking about wrestling, so the important thing to enjoy is realizing that it’s more fantasy than sport, Elden Ring endorsements included.

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