Cristoforetti, a possible spacewalk with a Russian colleague – Space and Astronomy

It could include a spacewalk, the next mission for European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. The astronaut herself spoke about the hypothesis, answering journalists’ questions. “I was trained for a spacewalk, in the Russian suit,” Cristoforetti said, and “there might be a possibility of a spacewalk with a Russian colleague.” Whether or not this will happen, he added, “will be determined in the near future, based on planning” of activity on the space station which, he noted, takes place in a “very dynamic and flexible environment.”

“It cannot be the subject of a political debate” because it is a “symbol of humanity”: the astronaut commented on the World Day of Human Spaceflight, which is celebrated tomorrow. He added that Gagarin’s flight “is a symbol of humanity and that’s what we celebrate: on April 12 we celebrate the beginning of the space age for all of us as human beings.” Cristoforetti also has no credit for the “colorful news” about the future of the space station, which was recently released about a breakdown of collaborations. between partners.

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