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On Sunday, April 23rd, cycling again became the hero on the streets of our city. Ocap Biella proposes the 27th round of the boycott, with the participation of athletes from the elite and under-23 categories. Representatives from Ukraine, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Mexico and Spain are attending.

Citizens are informed of changes to the road system that will affect the city of Biella on Sunday. Cyclists will enter Biella from Via Petinengo around 3 p.m. and will ride along Ugliaro, Cisella, Milano / Ponte Cervo, Cernaya, Carso, Bertodano until they reach the roundabout via Turin and via La Marmora, where the circuit will be repeated. Three starts which will affect Via La Marmora, Piazza Cosato, Costa del Vernato, Corso del Piazza, Piazza Cisterna, Via Avogadro, Juvarra, Strada della Nera, Strada Parasito-Fandorno, Strada Cimitero Vandorno, Strada Masserano Calaria, Via Boulogne, Ivan Rigola, Tripoli, Aldo Moro and, on the last lap, Piazza Veneto Oveste, Via Garibaldi and Via Seminary (arriving at Piazza Duomo around 4.40pm).

Citizens who will have to cross the city from west to east will be able to travel north through Alighieri and south through Addis Ababa. To always allow cutting from east to west, when possible, and in any case except at the moment of termination, the center’s ZTL has been suspended. For those coming down from Oropa, it is advisable to take the San Giovanni road and the road to Pralungo, to avoid the queues. In any case, Juvarra’s cross wouldn’t be practical until the end of the race. For those coming from Burkina Faso, we recommend going through Occhieppo or Tollegno.

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Esselunga will only be accessible through Delleani, which travels exclusively through Turin. Those arriving from Occhieppo, with the intention of reaching Biella, will be diverted towards Via Blottobaldo at the Occhieppo Inferiore traffic light on the border with Biella. Access to Via Amendola and Via Galliari will be by walking along the Via Seminari stretch of Via San Filippo except at the moment of termination, when the road network will be completely blocked for safety reasons.

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