Netflix state, new subscribers below expectations and title at -22%. For the Nasdaq -7.6% in one week

netflix, The next day. For the group, it was the last 24 hours nightmare. In just one trading session, its value fell by 22% to $225 billion Burning heights of nearly two years. The company announced Expectations of new subscribers In the first quarter of 2022, which was well below analysts’ expectations: 2.5 million versus 6.2 million. On a note, Netflix admitted that “in the past 24 months, competition has intensified, as other companies have developed their own streaming platforms.” And then a flurry of advice from “sold”, That is, selling the stock that has flooded its listing.

In particular, the Nasdaq, where most of the big names in technology are located, fell 2.7%.. the alphabet (Google) lost 2.2%, Amazon nearly 6%, Facebook (Meta) more than 4%. The person who closed yesterday was like that there worst week Nasdaq for more than a year with a 7.6% decrease. The S&P 500, the world’s most important index of the top 500 listed US companies, fell 1.9% in an also strong negative day for European markets.

The collapse of one of the leading companies in the web world dragged all indicators with it, since the level of stress is already high. Understanding Federal Reserve Approaching, probably as early as March. This means that there will be less money in circulation, even what it takes to invest in stocks. It is difficult to repeat the scenario at the end of 2018 When faced with the intent of central banks to proceed with monetary tightening, the reaction of the markets was so strong that it forced them to follow in their footsteps.

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