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Digital Foundry He posted a new video analysis featuring the releases PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. to Monster Hunter Risewhich certainly satisfied tech lovers with its quality and “versatility” of these versions.

In fact, one of the console features of Monster Hunter Rise is that it does not have “fixed” graphics modes as seen in other games, Fee presetswhere players can partially act as if they were on the PC, for example by changing the resolution and quality of shadows, with ramifications for gameplay.

Specifically, the option that has the most impact in terms of performance is the one related to image quality with a scale ranging from 70% with 2016x1134p resolution to 125% with resolution. 4800 x 2700 pixels, 4.8k type. Then we have settings that allow you to activate or deactivate high definition textures, filters, and adjust ambient occlusion, shadows and foliage quality. Obviously, if you do not know how to set these parameters, you can very well use the three presets that exist: Standard, Quality and Performance.

With Standard presets The PS5 and Xbox Series X run in 4K and on the Series S at 1440p with a frame rate of granite typically around 60fps, but since it’s unlocked it’s even possible to cross that threshold with a 120Hz monitor or TV. Digital Foundry generally recommends this preset if you have a 60Hz refresh rate monitor, and in general, considering it’s a great compromise between quality and performance.

With Preset quality settings The resolution goes up to 4800 x 2700 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, while it appears to stay at 1440p on the Series S. In addition to the resolution, this preset has higher shadow quality, but it doesn’t always hit the 60fps target.

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Finally the situation performance It offers a resolution of 2016x1134p on PS5 and Xbox Series X and 1344x756p on Series S. In this case, high-resolution textures are deactivated and other graphic settings are minimized or deactivated. As a result, the visual impact is less, but the frame rate goes up to 120fps, with the PS5 slightly ahead of the Xbox Series X which dropped by around 115-120fps.

Monster Hunter Rise is available starting February 20th, also for PS4 and Xbox One, as well as on PC and Nintendo Switch. The Sunbreak expansion will be available for the new PlayStation and Xbox versions this spring.

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