A new award in the United States of America for the film “Langobardi – Alboino and Romans”

Langobardi – Buenos and Romans Won Best Documentary Film Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Film Festivalwhich just ended in the United States.

This brings the awards to 12, in addition to 19 official selections, won by this innovative documentary that tells, through a new cinematic language, the migration of the Lombard people through the exploits of the great King Alboin and the foundations of the state. Roman village.

Produced by Matteo Grudina and Invicti Lupi directed by Simone Vrech, Docufilm continues to greatly satisfy and makes our history and lands known in different parts of the world. We remind you that it was recently broadcast nationally by Rai Storia’s aCdC program, directed by Professor Alessandro Barbero.

The cast that contributed to the creation of Langobardi also consists of Sandra Lopez Cabrera (assistant director and makeup), Lorenzo Brigant (soundtrack), Ragnarok (music), Alessandro Galliera (shooting), Paolo Massaria (narrator); Historical and archaeological consultations by Nicola Bergamo, Michele Angioli, Annalisa Giovannini and Cristiano Brandolini. Presented by the Municipality and Civil Archaeological Museum of Roman Desonzo, District, PromoTurismoFvg, Regional Council, Bcc Staranzano and Villesse, CariGo Foundation, Regional Agency for the Friulian Language, Friulian Language Society, Friulian Society of Archeology, Ragonese Municipality. , Municipality of San Floriano del Collio, Municipality of Cormon, Federation of Strassertal (Austria), Museum and National Archaeological Park Freilichtmuseum Elsarn (Austria), Italian Sports Federation for All, Castle of the Countess Formenti in San Floriano del Collio, Society of Medieval Italy, Citizens who have joined Crowdfunding campaign, many associations, companies and local reality.

On website More information about Langobardi – Alboino and Romans and its future live, television or online.

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