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The glass ceiling, which prevents Marine Le Pen’s party from entering the institutions, still resists: zero areas in the National Assembly. In the second round, citizens expressed their discontent with the ruling class not through an anti-regime protest or vote, as the criminals had hoped, but not by going to the polls. The abstention rate is close to 66%, a truly alarming level for democracy.

Al Qaeda did not mobilize

Marine Le Pen’s long march to normalize the National Front which has become a National Rally (RN) and transform it into a party like any other, that is, to give legitimacy to the government, achieves a paradoxical result: perhaps the party is less fearful, but the norm is not mobilized the traditional voters of Marine Le Pen – the popular classes and youth – They preferred to stay at home Instead of voting for a party he became, in fact, like the others. Thus, the National Front, even if it is normalized or likened, still does not govern. He did not even triumph over PACA (Provence-Alpes-Cte d’Azur), which seemed at last within his reach and which would have supported roots in the institutions of at least one of the two spirits that make up the party: more social and concern for the economic issues of the disadvantaged in the North, and more Identity and focus on security and anti-immigration in the south.

Putin and Assad friend

Thierry Mariani, a former Gaullist and ex-minister of Sarkozy, friend of Russian President Putin and Syrian dictator Assad, seemed the right man to lead partisans to victory in the Nice region, but stopped at 43% versus 57% of the outgoing president, Renaud Muselier. Of the Rpublicains (the Gaullist oath) backed by the Macros of Rpublique en Marche. Despite maneuvers to reach wider layers of society, Mariani failed just as Jean-Marie Le Pen and his niece Marion Marchal failed in front of him.

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Macron defeat

Zero zones also for La Rpublique en Marche, the presidential majority party, which was born out of nothing in 2016 to support Emmanuel Macron’s journey towards the Elysee and is still far from being able to establish itself locally. An expected defeat, but it could prompt Macron to reshuffle the government before the July 14 holiday.
Yesterday’s vote marks a clear return to the classic division between the right – which gets seven districts – and the left (with the Greens advancing inside), which retains five districts. All outgoing candidates are reconfirmed, more out of fatigue, out of abstinence, than out of enthusiasm.

Few voters

A very low voter turnout is a troubling indicator, as we’ve seen, especially for Marine Le Pen, who sees in the prism of the Elysee race in the spring of 2022 the potential candidacy of the most dangerous columnist Eric Zemmour looming on her right. Against immigration and Islam. Xavier Bertrand, winner from the right in Hauts-de-France and himself an already declared candidate, says this result now gives me the strength to appeal to all French. One year after the vote for the Elysee, the picture appears uncertain after regionalism.

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