Barry, initiates the Conscious Use of Social Media Project

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Speaking from representatives of the police forces but also from the school, to emphasize the resources but also network risks

It also stops at Barry there The ninth edition of “Life as a Social Network”The event was organized by the Ministry of Education and the Police in cooperation with Connected generationswhich is a platform to increase awareness of risks but also of network resources.

There was talk of cyberbullying, social networking and much more in Largo Giannella, in the capital, Puglia, along with Questore of Bari, Dr. Giuseppe PesognoLots of students, parents and teachers. Among the hot topics was the topic fake accounts, as 1 in 3 boys admits to having one, 5% of teens report that they are online only with a fake profile. A choice derived from the desire not to expose themselves too much, to control friends without their knowledge or to control a lover or friend and escape from the eyes of the parents.

Conscious use of social media means knowing their potential, knowing how to appreciate them and not ending up at their game, developing an addiction. A topic that becomes more urgent if you think about it New games with social features that will be tested in Italia and in Spain. “Innovation helps accommodate changes in player consumption – Stefano Fregoni, managing partner of Fils Game, a manufacturer specializing in online platforms – especially in more tightly regulated markets where there is a significant saturation of supply. We are trying to invent something different and new, and enhance the entertainment component.”

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What programmers Fils game It is a tournament product, which allows players to entertain themselves, have fun, and develop social component. “This is a new feature that is being offered to operators – continues Stefano Frigoni – who can in turn make it available to customers, allowing them to entertain themselves with new features typical of the entertainment world. At the moment, we are launching it in beta on more operators, in Italy and Spain, after which it will be Coming soon to other markets as well, starting with United kingdom And United State“.

The goal is to engage a new segment of users and build loyalty by increasing gaming sessions. A novelty can be a great form of entertainment, always if you keep your boundaries clear and remember that the network has strengths and weaknesses.

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