“Love in the Dark”, the sentimental song by Adele

There are songs that can steal our souls. After 6 years, Adele’s song “Love in the dark” is back to get us excited. Let’s get acquainted with its history and analyze the text.

Love in the Dark is a song that can move each and every one of us. Adele, with her powerful voice and emotion, is back in the conversation about her six years ago thanks to this song. A song about longing love, with notes and melodies so intense that they stay in the head. Romantic, raw, honest, Adele talks about the difficulty of looking at a relationship that has grown over time and faded through it. Listening to this song is like diving into a pool of pain and love:

“Take your eyes off me so I can leave / I’m ashamed to do it and you look at me / It never ends, we’ve been here before / But this time I can’t stay ’cause I don’t love you anymore / Please stay where you are / Don’t come close / Don’t try Changing my mind, I’m tough to be gentle / I can’t love you in the dark / I feel like oceans apart / There’s so much distance between us / Maybe we’re already defeated

here video to perform Adele.

Adele and the hit song story

Released on Adele’s third studio album, 25, “Love in the Dark” is a piano ballad about the end of a relationship that is so sad and poignant it could best be described as a tragedy. It is not quite a radio single, and thus – unlike “Hello” and “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”, written by Max Martin – was never released as such.
But last month, “Love in the Dark” went from extreme ballad status to fan favorite, a rare feat for a song from six years ago.

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According to Alpha Data, the analytics provider that runs Rolling Stone’s charts, “Love in the Dark” every week for the past six years has typically been the eighth most popular song out of the 11 tracks in the series’ 25. 34 songs out of three of its three studio albums have topped the list. Love in the Dark” number 17. “Someone Like You”, “Rolling in the Deep” and “Hello” are usually in the top three in that order.
In late summer, the song “Love in the Dark” started popping up on TikTok, and rather than being the soundtrack to a meme or a dance, the focus seemed to be on how underrated that song was. Prior to August, the song had between 150,000 and 250,000 on-demand audio streams in the United States each week; By mid-September, that number had risen to more than 1.5 million. In the week of September 17-23, the song was the number one song in the live stream in the world, surpassing even the terrible “Hello” in the live stream. In doing so, it became the third most popular song in Adele’s entire catalog, behind “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You”.

Translated lyrics of Adele song

Take your eyes off me so I can turn away
I’m too embarrassed to do that while you’re looking at me
This story never ends, we’ve come this far before
But I can’t stay this time because I don’t love you anymore

Please stay where you are
Do not approach
Don’t try to change my mind
I’m tough to be nice
I can’t love you in the dark
It is as if we are oceans away
There is a lot of space between us
We may already be defeated
Ah yes yes
Everything changed me

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You gave me something I can’t live without
You should not underestimate him when in doubt
But I don’t want to continue as if everything is fine
And the longer we ignore it, the more we will fight it

Please do not collapse
I can’t handle your broken heart
I’m trying to be brave
Stop asking me to stay

I can’t love you in the dark
It is as if we are oceans away
There is so much space between us that we may already have been defeated
Ah yes yes
Everything changed me

We are not the only ones
I do not regret anything
Every word you said
You know I meant it
It’s like the world to me
The fact that you are in my life
But I want to live
And not just survive

That’s why I can’t love you in the dark
It is as if we are oceans away
There is a lot of space between us
We may already be defeated
Why yes yes
Everything changed me
And me, I don’t think you can save me

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