Guacamole is a Google Assistant with more instant interactions

Google Assistant He still gets a lot of attention from the mountain view house. distance Guide mode, And news related to Google Assistant screenshotDubbed post, “GuacamoleIn some situations, this allows you to interact with the assistant without saying “Ok / Hey Google.”

What is Guacamole?

For a few weeks I already hinted atGoogle applicationFor some users, the function known as “Guacamole” appeared in the preview, and is available in a dedicated section of the Settings menu in the Google Assistant for smartphones.

As expected, when activated, it allows users to interact with the assistant without having to pronounce the usual “Ok Google” keyword, but only under certain circumstances.

Android Police In fact, it indicates that it works with some Basic commandsFor example, answering calls or turning off alerts, timers, and alarms by “answering” or “off”.

However, although it is present as an alternative in the settings menu, although it is selected in the dedicated section, it is not currently working.

So we expect Guacamole to arrive soon. In all likelihood it will be disclosed to the public on the occasion Next in Google I / O 2021 To be held in less than a month.

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