At the World U-23 Championships in Racice, the semi-finals of Louis Schulte of Lugano

Six Swiss crews compete on this third day of the World U-23 Championships in Racice. The balance is more comfortable than ever: Three in the semifinals: Syrisian singles player Louis Schulte, fourth without a mention, Eileen Rolle in lightweight singles), final A for women’s four. On the other hand, he will have to take the B final (from seventh to thirteenth place) for the “light” duo of Chiara Cantone and Olivia Nacht, who are ranked fourth behind Turkey, Hungary and France.

No surprises in the pair of four ladies. Celia Dupre, Lisa Loescher, Nina Fechstein, and Salome Ulrich are now a pretty sweet reality. The race has no stories. This is evidenced by the gaps in Russia, second place: 3 “and Czech Republic, third, more than 6”. Which is certainly a relief in light of Sunday’s final which will see Germany, Italy and Romania start, seeded in order in the other semi-finals.

Team 4 not to mention Patrick Brunner, Nils Schneider, Dominic Kondro and Maureen Lang showed significant progress over what was presented in May for the second CdM race in Lucerne. The first place finish obtained in a recovery this morning with a time of 6’06” 17 bodes well for continued competition. In second place, after only 20/100, are the formidable Russia and the 4-inch Greece. In another recovery, success went to Italy, followed by the Czech Republic and Spain.

The happy surprise came from the compelling evidence provided by Louis Schulte. The knight of Ceresio did not let himself be afraid of the presence of respectable opponents. He fought as much as he could just to secure one of three places in the semi-finals. Schulte, who was still fourth on the 1000m crossing, was able to grapple with extra gear, which allowed him to overtake Spaniard Coxmi Purutaram, who was having difficulty due to lake conditions. Denmark’s Bastian Secher was first to cross the finish line in an excellent 6’50” 66 distance, followed by Belgium’s Tristan Vanderbosch and Schulte, 3 inches, 5th straight.

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1st place for ‘lightweight’ singles player Elaine Rolle with a time of 7’56” 63 which equates to a place in the semi-finals. Genevan’s merit was able to contain the repeated attacks carried out by the athlete from the United States, Brigid Kennedy, which was just under 2″. The goal was also achieved for the women’s duo of Serafina Voorholz and Alina Berset, thanks to second place at 7’16” 33, only 26/100 from Lithuania.

Despite the quick return of the race, the double “light” of Chiara Cantoni of Lugano and Olivia Nacht of Aargau, was not enough to snatch the coveted semi-final, a goal reserved for first and second places, in this particular case for Turkey and Hungary seeded rankings. Third place slipped away from Rossocross for only 17/10 in France’s favour.

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