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Italy is a ‘frog’ country. It might sound like an insult, but that doesn’t speak for the blues swimmers performing over the course Italian Championships in Riccione. Breaststroke, the most complex and technical method, gave truly amazing results and a very great depth.

In the women’s sector, three female athletes swimming at such times was something of science fiction: Martina Carraro (1’05 ″ 86), Benedetta Pilato (1’06 ″ 00) e Ariana Castiglioni (1’06 ″ 00) Something in 100 Rana Even the United States in its heyday could not express this in depth. Girls are in the top five in the world seasonal, and above all, they can concretely strive for a medal in the games.

The ranunculus virtuous circle also included the boys because they are Niccol Martinini He transformed from a loyal “Adam Betty” 50 and in 100 hits was issued raising national boundaries to the top 3 experiences of all time in the world. The Lombard is a candidate for a leadership role in the context of the Five Circles and the turning point was above all on the mental level and it was understood through the way he attacked the water and achieved exciting times: 58 37 in 100 frog and 26 ″ 39 in fifty frog.

Hence, the clues lead to something delicious in Japan Because far from my home and possibly Lily King, the other steps for the platform are available to our brigade campaign, and in the current state of things, they will be signed.

Photo: Diego Gasbrone

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