Tochi / Marsaglia removes the Tokyo 2020 games card

Scuba diving, Tokyo World Cup 2021: Tochi / Marsaglia detail the ticket for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Scuba diving, Budapest World Cup 2017, Photo

From Tokyo comes excellent news about the colors blue, where Tochi / Marsaglia They split the 2020 Olympic Games pass. In the Japanese capital, where world Cup From Dips, Italian athletes finished fifth in the final Synchronization 3 meters from the starting point. 412.68 Azzurri’s result, down from the podium by just three points, but very good at qualifying for the Olympics. Besides Italy, the other Tokyo qualifiers are Germany, Russia and the United States. The victory went to Great Britain, who can win 440.94 points.

Chronicle – A good start for the Azzurri, excellent first diving champions, valued at 49.80 points. The second did well as well, but it was the third that gave the Azzurri a huge advantage, momentarily pushing them to third place. The possibility of going to Tokyo is real and the Italians know it, so much so that they make no mistake on the occasion of the fourth dive and stay in the first places. Despite some shortcomings in the final, Tocci / Marsaglia secured participation in the Tokyo 2020 Games by bidding farewell to the podium. Not a bad thing for the Italian athletes, who are living a great day and winning the desired Olympic pass.

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