America and Trump “ready to go back and excited about 2022”

Trump card He is about to return. After the acquittal obtained during the impeachment process of the assault on Congress in early January, it is now Donald.He is ready to go ahead and rebuild the Republican PartySenator Lindsay Graham, one of her most loyal supporters, said. Meanwhile, purges began within the Republican Party.

The United States begins a purge against the anti-Trump Republicans

Our constitution and our country are more important than anyone else“, On Twitter, Republican Senator Bill Cassidy announced his pro-impeachment vote with 6 of his party mates. Now that representative has been the subject of a censure proposal by the Louisiana Republican Executive Committee.

The US Senate acquitted the former president for the second time, with 57 votes in favor, seven Republicans. Another 10 were required for convictions, or 67 votes in favor of impeachment equivalent to two-thirds of the 100 senators. Trump accused Inciting an assault on Congress.

Graham said that the billionaire is now ready to go ahead and he isExcited for the 2022 campaignRepublicans hope to wrestle the vast majority of the Democrats they currently occupy in Parliament.

Trump and Biden acquitted: Democracy is fragile

While most Republican senators eventually acquitted Trump, disputes persist within the Republican Party. Senator Mitch McConnellDuring the acquittal vote, he said in his speech to the House of Representatives that the former president remains “practically morally responsible” for the attack on Capitol Hill.

Speaker at home Nancy PelosiAfter the vote, McConnell described him as “pathetic” and Republicans “cowards” for fear of doing their job with respect for the institution in which they serve.

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According to the president Joe BidenThe attack on Congress is a “sad chapter” that clarifies that “democracy is fragile” and “even if the final vote does not lead to a verdict, the substance of the accusation is not up for debate.” Biden concluded, “We must always be vigilant.”

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