Germany floods, laughs and jokes during disaster site visit: controversy against German Chancellor Laschet’s candidate

you see that to laugh sprawling behind the German president Frank Walter Steinmeier, somewhereFlood Hundreds of people lost their lives and thousands are still missing. The position of placing the candidate for the German chancellorship at the center of the debate, Armin LaschetChief DelChristian Democratic UnionAfter the cameras spotted his misplaced behavior during his visit ErfstadtIt is one of the places most affected by the disaster.

While in front of the television stations, the earnest and tense Steinmeier in the foreground is accompanied by expressions of condolence and warning. environmental destruction that hit the German border areas, Behind him we see the president of the Christian Democratic Union indulging in jokes and laughter with a group of local politicians. The video went viral and caused public outcry against the current video الفيديو Governor of North Rhine-Westphalia A possible successor to Angela Merkel: Incredibly sarcastic for some, others considered the behavior meA sign of insufficiency for the position of German chancellor.

They are not late Excuses By Laschet who wrote a few hours later a tweet By saying they are “sorry” and admitting that their behavior is “inappropriate”. And it could cost him a lot in electoral terms, with Germany being called to the polls September 26.

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Also gaveConfronting Laschet in the race for the Chancellery, they find themselves having a hard time dealing with the tragedy. among the party leaders, Robert Habeck Decide not to visit disaster sites while Anna Baerbock – The woman German environmentalists would like to see in Merkel’s place – forgets to remind the nation that the devastating flood is linked to the climate crisis, which has always been the subject of environmentalists’ battle. In the meantime The election The Christian Democrats are still in the lead.

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