Iran: Television, Biden receives Mossad chief at the White House – Ultima Aura

(ANSAmed ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, May 02 – US President Joe Biden received Mossad chief Yossi Cohen at the White House on Friday. This was learned by Commercial TV Channel 12, where Cohen explained the reasons for Israel’s opposition to reissue of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan agreements between the great powers and Tehran regarding Iran’s nuclear programs.

Last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Cohen and National Security Adviser Meir Ben Shabat were sent to Washington to discuss various aspects of the issue with his American counterpart. The interview with Biden – according to Channel 12 – was not included in the original visit schedule and was conducted in little time.

The presenter indicated that the head of the Mossad is the first Israeli official to meet the new president of the United States. Usually, according to television, the first meeting with a new president of the United States is up to the prime minister. (Ansamed).

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