Allergies, because this year it was stronger than usual: and the reason is incredible

As confirmed by Humanitas and the Veronesi Foundation, the increase in sensitivity is due to very specific causes. Even in 2022, the allergy phenomenon is stronger than usual, as it has been for several years.

Pollen allergy –

Experts argue that Increased prevalence of allergic diseases Recorded in recent years are linked to climate change due to global warming. Disorders caused by the seasons affect our health more and more.

According to the latest data, in Italy, 12 million people suffer from respiratory allergies (rhinitis and asthma), and unfortunately, this already high number is expected to increase. here because.

Allergies: This year is stronger than usual, why?

The allergy problem also in Italy is a phenomenon destined to grow due to the deadly combination of Three main factors are responsible for allergic reactions:

  • pollution;
  • High temperatures
  • The greatest spread of pollen is in the air.

Sensitivity is more frequent because the above three factors have a greater influence than in the past: The element specified by . is formed by weather changes, Followed by changes in our lifestyle.

Allergy pollution

L ‘pollution (especially the spread of spent diesel particles in the air) causes an increase in allergic manifestations. Basically, the risk of developing allergies increases. Because?

Why Diesel particle exhaustion They adhere to pollen for the benefit of their harmful effects on our body.

New pollen is in the air

Experts report another phenomenon – the rise Asthma and rhinitis is also because of New hypersensitive pollen present in the air. The danger comes from new factories like the United States delicious food or the birch Scandinavian. As a result of changing temperatures, these plants have spread to geographical areas where they were not present before.

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Early flowering that lasts longer

Global Warming Flowering period is expected of plants compared to the spring season. As a result, pollen grains are in the air for a long time This obviously affects the sensitivity increase.

A study showed that the pollination period for some wall plants is longer (90 days).

For a few decades, the increase in temperatures leads to lengthening and intensification vaccination periodNot only does the number of people sensitive to allergens increase, but the symptoms become more severe and last longer. They are basically herbs (of fields), and equal (in the city), theAlder and the birch to cause allergic reactions.

The strongest allergy –

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