System Update 8.50 In beta version, removes the community –

Sony has made the version available to testers Beta DellSystem update 8.50 From PS4, Named Spring 2021 beta, which removes communities. Overall, this is an improved upgrade to the existing features, which does not add major features to the console.

In addition to the aforementioned, the main plus of the update appears to be the ability to activate and deactivate Notices Of the groups you belong to. The option is found in the Configuration menu which can be accessed from the Groups screen.

For the rest, new firmware allows asking the session leader to enter a game using the “Request to Join” button and prevent other players from seeing you play a title that you have hidden.

The last major update for PS4, 8.00, was released last year. Of course, he was a lot more plump than 8.50, which included two factor verifications, new avatars, and more. It’s hard to say if there will be the 9.00 update, as Sony is currently focusing more PS5, Which still lacks many of the promised features, including the ability to expand the mass storage space by purchasing a console-compatible SSD.

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