Euro U22: Tomorrow azzurrini debuts

Azzurrini has been working in Poland since Saturday: “We’ve been able to train really well in the last three days – coach Vincenzo Vanessa started – and for us it was really helpful to fix the last aspects of our game. I know these guys very well, we’ve worked together for several years and that’s an aspect that makes it easier to work, even if compared to the team. Who won the gold in the World Cup, the team has changed a little. I think, for example, of Michieletto who became a permanent member of the first national team, Cianciotta who changed his role and is now called as a spiker from the middle. There is also another owner, but the people who They were called in this change of role they behaved very well and that also makes us look with confidence at this competition.Our recent participation in the Mediterranean Games was, for many of these guys, an opportunity to gain experience and gave us the opportunity to take another step forward in terms of growth Singles athletes and team. We are Italy and we want to compete for a medal in these European Championships as well.”

Follow Vanessa to see the opponents of this contest: “In the first match we will meet Turkey. It is a national team that plays very well with a Qatari who is good in batting position and has some interesting hitting. In the group we will then meet the Netherlands and Montenegro which are two teams not to be underestimated. In this European championship, Poland definitely stands out, The home team, who will definitely play a leading role. They are very passionate, we know them very well because we have met them in the past in different events and they will definitely be one of the toughest competitors. But at the moment we are still focusing on ourselves, in our game, we have trained well and are ready to start this tournament in the best possible way.”

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14 players called up –

The Dodgers: Paolo Porro, Leonardo Ferrato

Hater: Tommaso Rinaldi (centre), Alberto Paul, Giulio Magalini, Nicola Cianciotta, Matteo Mishari, Andrea Ciro, Mattia Gutardo

Midfield: Mirco Compagnoni, Francesco Comparoni, Federico Crosato, Daniele Mellano

Free: Damiano Catania

Calendar –

Group 1 (Arena Jaskolka): Austria, France, Poland, Serbia

Day 1 – 12 July 2022

2.30 pm Serbia – Austria

7:30 pm Poland – France time

Day Two – July 13, 2022

2.30 pm Austria – France

7:30 PM Serbia – Poland

Round 3 – 14 July 2022

2.30 pm France – Serbia

19.30 Austria – Poland

Group B (Arena Jaskolka): Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Montenegro

Day 1 – 12 July 2022

12:00 Montenegro – Netherlands

5.00 pm Italy – Turkey

Day Two – July 13, 2022

12.00 Netherlands – Turkey

5:00 pm Montenegro – Italy

Day 3 – 14 July 2022

12:00 Turkey – Montenegro

5.00 pm Netherlands – Italy

Semi-finals – 16 July 2022

5.00 pm (MJF-13) Group 1 1 – Group 2 2

8:00 pm (MJF-14) Group 1 II – Group 2 1

Third Place Final – 17 July 2022

5.00 pm Loser MJF-13 – Loser MJF-14

First Final – July 17

20.00 Winner MJF-13 – Winner MJF-14

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