Women’s Sports Champions: The Pink Beauty Competition

In sports challenges and competitions, where inequality is eliminated, athletes have been able to realize their potential

A few days ago, the Senate of the Republic approved, in the third reading, a constitutional amendment providing for the introduction of the promotion of sports activity in all its forms into our Basic Charter.
Personal growth, popular grouping, confrontation, competition, challenge but above all education to respect the rules etc: sport is all of these things and in sport, a powerful integrating factor that has the power to abolish even social inequalities, many women realize that you are the ability.
But there is more. July 1, 2022 went down in history as the day that revolutionized the history of women’s football and all other sports, rewarding the sacrifices of the players who would finally see their rights recognized after long battles and a long waiting period. In fact, the transition to professionalism took place in the Women’s Super League.
From volleyball to cycling, from football to artistic gymnastics, from swimming to free diving. Sports Champion: Pink competition is “beauty.”

Mediterranean Games, a series of medals

Just a few days ago, artistic gymnastics won the second gold medal for the blue flight at the Mediterranean Games in Oran.
It was signed by Martina Maggio, who also won the overall individual competition after helping to win the medal in the team event with a total of 54,864 points. In All Around, the challenge to the last, for the highest step on the podium, was with the other blue in the race, Asia D’Amato who had to settle for silver (with a score of 54.065) but then won the gold – artistic gymnastics medal with 13,850 points. Great performance in May especially on the crossbar and free body where she separated them all and won the most valuable medal. D’Amato started very well, finishing the lead after jumping (14.033 against 13.666) and asymmetric runs (13.833 against 13.666), then Maggio crossed the bar (13.966 against 13.366) and won the title in the free body (13.566) against him. 12833).
The two blue players are now expected to exit the Specialized Finals and then will be looking forward to the next goals, starting with the European Championship scheduled for mid-August in Munich and then the World Cup in Liverpool in October and November. “We are aiming at a really high level, at the team level we are strong enough and we can fight for that to the end – Martina Maggio continued -. It will not be easy for sure but we don’t like easy things: we will really struggle to take what we like and do our best for Italy.”
At the Mediterranean Games in Oran, the women’s role wasn’t just about gymnastics: Giovanna Ibis won the gold in the women’s half marathon. It wasn’t easy work. Five fierce opponents fought her to the last kilometres. Gold also stands out in the 4×400 relay, where Anna Polinari, Virginia Troani, Rafaela Boaheng Lokudu and Giancarla Demic Trevisan raced in the 3’29” 93, ahead of Slovenia and Morocco. The successes of “Pink” are also in swimming: Viola Scota Di Carlo (26.25) and Sonia Equiintana (26.38) were silver and bronze behind Greek Anna Ntontonaki (25.95) in the 50 female dolphins.

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New world record for apnea for the disabled

Ilenia Colanero, together with Fabrizio Pagani, in the waters in front of the municipality of Scarlino (Gr), set a new world record in free-diving for people with special needs organized by Fipsas (Italian Federation of Sports Fishing and Underwater Activities).
The Cmas international judges located in the “Solmine Deep Water District” at a distance of -20 meters for Ilenia Colanero from Lanciano (Ch) and -35 meters for Fabrizio Pagani from Terni have validated.
Double dive in blue for both under the watchful eye of the Coast Guard, the Red Cross and the Scarlino Diving Center that guarantees safety in the water in cooperation with the Sos Children’s Villages and the Maremma Tuscany Nord region.
“Scarlino’s record – Elenia Colanero and Fabrizio Pagani say in unison – is the culmination of dreams and exhaustion. Using only one tip, it’s hard to beat the waterline and get to the blue where the pressure is felt. Acqua di Scarlino has given us tremendous satisfaction because pushing the limits was our goal. And we achieved it convinced that we can still move forward. And we will try.”

Football, UEFA Euro 2022 begins on Sunday 10 July

On Sunday July 10 in Rotherham, England, the Azzurri will make their women’s football debut in the European Championship against France.
The 23 players, who will be led by coach Melina Bertolini, prepare for the next European adventure.

Cycling Race, Giro d’Italia Women’s: 144 athletes compete until July 10

Giro Donne started from Cagliari on June 30, the major sporting competition in 10 stages which for 10 days until arriving in Padua on July 10 will bring 144 athletes from the top 24 teams in the world to the roads of Italy, along a beautiful route. 1000 km route through Sardinia, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto. The organization makes it known by observation.

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At the starting line, today’s greatest cycling champions such as Elisa Balsamo, Animek Van Vleuten, Marta Cavalli, Elisa Longo Borghini, Marian Voss, Lotte Kubicki, Martina Alzini, Niamh Fischer Black (already winner of the Maglia Bianca title in Giro 2021), Elena Cecchini, Elise Shabi, Soraya Paladin, Lucinda Brand (Green Jersey last year), Sofia Bertizzolo, Juliette Lapus, Erica Magnaldi, Chiara Consoni, Cecily Otrop Ludwig, Martina Fidanza, Jelena Airy? , Silvia Persico, Amanda Spratti, Marta Bertelli, Marta Lash, Gaia Rellini. A total of 144 players from the world’s top 24 teams, including 13 from the UCI Women’s World Team, are coming, as well as from Italy, from Australia, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States. The nations, Switzerland, will compete to succeed Anna van der Bregenn, the 2021 winner of the coveted Maglia Rosa, designated for the first time in the individual general classification by time.
Cycling: The Giro d’Italia Women’s Championship 2022 kicks off tomorrow (2)

The 33rd edition sees the return of the historic race at the Uci Women’s World Tour circuit and an increase in the total prize money to €250,000, of which €50,000 is for the winner, at the will of Pmg Sport/Starlight, which has always been committed to promoting the combination of women and sport. In Italy, the appointment is on Rai2 (from 2 pm), Rai Sport HD, Eurosport 1 (with Dazn Italia in the track) and Discovery + (Live Digital Feed), as well as on, www.giroditaliadonne. And on Giro Donne’s social channels.

Volleyball, European U-21 Women’s Championship in Apulia from 12 July

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Everything is ready for the European Under-21 Women’s Volleyball Championship scheduled for 12-17 July between Sirinola and Andrea.
Federvolley makes it known on a note. The tournament, which will feature the women’s national under-21 teams from Austria, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine, includes two groups of four matches scheduled between Pala Tatarella di Cerignola and PalaSport di Andria on the 12th. . July 13 and 14.

The first two seeded groups from the two groups will be able to reach the semi-finals on Saturday 16 July which will take place in Pala Tatarella in Sirinola, before the third and first place finals scheduled for Sunday 17 July at the Sirinola Gymnasium.

The preliminary match for the Azzurri European Championship under Luca Pieranioli’s two friendlies against Turkey will be scheduled at Balasport in Andrea on July 8 and at Bala Tatarella in Sirinola on July 9.
For group matches on July 12, 13 and 14, admission is free with reservation, and for semi-finals and finals on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 July, admission will be subject to a fee.

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