Yes Day: New Netflix Comedy Review With Jennifer Garner

A year later saw several bans due to the pandemic, a movie like Yes today Not only It is a fun and ideal treatment for all familiesBut it also becomes a wish for our near future. Netflix’s new comedy is actually a hymn to shareIn order to spend time peacefully with parents and children to rediscover an increasingly rare and nowadays marginalized dimension of society: Game.

A day yes

Jennifer GarnerNow in the times he’s playing Electra or making heroes Try to catch me H Pearl HarborAlison explains, A volcanic mother of a family who appears to have lost a little of their calm, young soul. With age and above all expanding her family, the woman actually put aside the adventurous spirit that distinguished her. Once accustomed to not evading any experiences, from skydiving to hiking with strangers, today Alison finds herself forced to impose a “no” for her kids and enforce house rules.

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However, confrontation will be inevitable, especially with the biggest of the three, who is now a teenager. And so, exactly like the protagonist Yes man (Comedy starring Jim Carrey Where “forced” to always say yes), even Alison He will have to accept the challenge of fulfilling all the demands of his three children for a full day. In case of failure, she will have to give the eldest daughter a free exit from the long-awaited party. These are the buildings that will pass to the protagonist and her husband Carlos (played by the Venezuelan actor Edgar RamirezA day to say the least on the summit, between water balloon fights, roller coaster rides, science experiments, and car rides with window washing.

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Family and work

Perhaps due to a coincidence (the movie was actually designed and filmed before today’s pandemic invaded), Yes today It is work that focuses precisely on the two social sectors most affected by the health crisis: Family and work. In fact, it is interesting to note how the two parents who ended up in the boys’ “trap” are completely complementary. You are looking for a job that you hardly find and behave too strictly at home. On the other hand, he is very responsible at work, he cannot escape from the office stress and that is why He experiences the house in the form of a bubble that gets distracted-Enjoy and smile again.

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He. She Yes today So it would be the right opportunity for both of them to (re) find balance. Balance we all failed after a few months Close In which local tensions did not hesitate to reveal themselves, the need for a useful job that would distance itself for a few hours from a very intense family routine had often taken vital pigments. Family and work are the two core values ​​of the movie, The ones on which most of the comedies are based and the most emotionally full of moments (rebuking the youngest daughter above all). After a long and carefree day of playing, I am Parents will become children again And they’ll finally take the test with questions that have always been overlooked and never faced.

At the same time, children will develop greater awareness by learning to respect the rules and live by them not as restrictions, but as tips and suggestions that can be learned from. Agree, the green light for any request or careless indifference is certainly not the best solution to solving global problems or crises. Yes today It reminds us how important it is to think without biasNotice the phenomenon from a new point of view and you don’t necessarily have to say yes, but to learn how to do it. Only in this way, whether in the family or at work, will it be possible to build Quieter, authentic and less polluted environment From the stifling rigidity of contemporary society.

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A movie for everyone

Yes today He wants to try, in his small way, to take a first step in this direction. He knows he has to speak a global language, and embrace a very wide target audience (from parents to infants passing through infants and teens) and that is why he embraces Linear and simple structure. Sometimes he is very clear and exemplary in his writing but definitely Effect to be able to dialogue and strike This is your target audience only.

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Adventure parks, school concerts, theme parks, and concerts with lots of stars on stage (the inscription in this case belongs to the singer to herVery famous especially in the United States), Yes today It tracks the full range of entertainment available for a day of family interaction. Very clean in tones and languages, The film has no artistic claims, If not the one that offers real fun entertainment fit for a calm and relaxing home evening.


Then director Miguel Arteta managed to sign Funny and balanced comedyIt makes you smile and suggests an accurate picture of the times closest to us. Certainly, Yes today It is absolutely not a masterpiece that cannot be missed but it does not want to be. Spend Work well done and without ambitions Which, its size Family movie It has some good cartridges for shooting. Jennifer Garner is a less privileged role than we are used to. Her friendly, clean face is “old” like the characters she plays now and the actress is good at knowing how to reinvent herself from time to time so you don’t have to give up some roles but always be prepared to say yes. Search’.

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