Xbox Series X | S, there is no new title in FPS Boost in the near future –

the program FPS Boost from Xbox Series X | s It is very loved by users, as it brings tangible improvements to the graphics of older games without asking for any additional cash outlay. However, they will not be added in the near future new games To 130 has already been upgraded because Microsoft has to fix some issues.

To say it was Jason Ronald, Xbox Director of Project Management, in an interview with the Iron Lords Podcast, who explained the situation very well. Essentially, Microsoft tested FPS Boost on a much larger number of titles that were eventually included with the program. In most cases, everything seemed to be working perfectly, but then the gods appeared an insect Puzzles that blocked games and prevented embedding.

Therefore, at this time, it is important to understand the causes of these issues and to overcome the limits of FPS Boost. At the same time, Microsoft will look for other ways to improve games, but for the foreseeable future, nothing will come of it.

FPS Boost has been active since February of this year, and when applied, it improves the frame rate for games from 30fps to 60fps in most cases, but sometimes also allows to reach 120fps.

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