He also went to the European final

Quarantine violated events in London

At the two sporting events last July, Horta-Osorio brought in his family because the customers the bank had booked lost tickets for, perhaps as a precaution, given that at that moment London was considered one of the high-risk places for Covid especially in the case of crowded events such as the Championship final Wimbledon and the European Championship final between Italy and England, which the Azzurri won. It is not surprising that the Wembley match was later identified as a highly prevalent event by the English public health authorities (Public Health England), with the number of spectators likely to be 2,295, while another 3,404 fell ill with Covid disease soon after, as remember financial times.

Next to Tom Cruise and Kate Middleton

And for the challenge of deciding who will win Wimbledon or who will lift the trophy in the European Championships, these are unique moments, with the race being (who can): to be seen, photographed and increased in popularity in the eyes of others. There was, for example, Tom Cruise and Kate Middleton, both present at the two sporting events on July 11 in London, while Novak Djokovic and Matteo Berrettini, who challenged each other in the afternoon’s Wimbledon singles final, won by the Serb, in the evening, then presented themselves to the football final at Wembley, where Italy won Mancini on penalties against hosts England.

The banker and resignation from the board of directors for violating the rules

There was also Horta-Osorio, which it shouldn’t have been, because according to quarantine rules, anyone traveling from Switzerland to the UK at that time had to observe 10 days of solitary confinement upon arrival. The misstep, in addition to the fine, made the technical director lose the confidence of the Credi Suisse board of directors, from which he resigned on Sunday 9 January. It was also established that when Horta Osorio returned to Switzerland, the banker again violated the quarantine rules that he was required to maintain for 10 days after returning from London, heading to Madrid only 3 days after his return to Zurich.

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