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Australia, Zero Emissions Target: Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Australia, the world’s second largest coal exporter and considered one of the most polluting countries, has set its “zero coal” target for 2050. The government’s announcement has drawn criticism for Canberra over the deadline being seen as too late, as well as avoiding setting short-term targets. The mission, on the other hand, is pursued by the United Nations Climate Summit, Cop26 (Special) which will open on Sunday in Glasgow. The Australian government has pledged to achieve zero emissions by 2050, but without setting targets to reduce polluting emissions by 2030, nor questioning the use of fossil fuels, which is essential to its economy, including exports.

The Promise


Queen Elizabeth will not go to COP 26 in Glasgow

In an article published in the national papers, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “Australians want a 2050 net neutral emissions plan that is fair to climate change and secures their future in a changing world. They also want a plan that is fair and workable.” . The head of government explained that carbon neutrality will be achieved through investments in low-energy technologies such as hydrogen and low-cost solar energy, while supporting heavy industries such as mining to remain competitive.

use of technology

“We have a plan. Said the Conservative prime minister, who has consistently resisted efforts to reduce emissions, regularly approving new coal-based projects and spreading doubts about under local governance. And international pressure, Morrison announced a change of approach and acknowledged that “the world is changing.” Australia’s reluctance to act has been criticized by close allies such as the United States and Britain. Effects of climate change.

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