Rai Fee 2023: If you meet these requirements, you will not pay it

Rai’s license fee is considered by many to be one of the most hated taxes, but if you have certain requirements, you can avoid paying it.

Rai’s license fee, prior to 2016, cost €90 per year and was paid in one solution, once a year.

Italians used to evade this tax, which is why the then Renzi government decided to include the fee related to the license fee in the electricity bill.
In this way, they began to pay in small installments distributed throughout the year, which no Italian could pay.

In any case, some specified subjects are expressly exempted from paying fees, and may apply for exemption from the Revenue Agency.

So let’s see who is entitled to benefit from the Rai license fee waiver, and how we should proceed to apply for the waiver.

Rai Fee 2023: Subjects exempt from payment

As initially expected, if you are over a certain age limit, you do not have to pay Rai’s license fee.

In addition to this particular category of persons, other subjects, expressly specified by law, are also exempted from paying the Rai license fee. We summarize all categories of people who do not have to pay fees below:

  • If you are over the age of 75, you can forgo paying the Rai license fee. The allowance is activated for those who have an annual income of less than €8,000.
    This figure must be assessed with reference to both spouses: in fact, if the combined income of both spouses exceeds 8,000 euros, they will have to continue to pay the Rai fee.
  • In addition to this first category of subjects, military personnel or members of the Civil Protection, who do not have residence or even Italian nationality, are exempted from paying the licensing fee for the Rai, provided that they serve on Italian territory.
  • Officials of international organizations and employees of the consulate are also exempt from paying the rai fee;
  • Finally, which is difficult to prove, individuals who do not own a television set, whether they own it or any other member of the same household, are also exempted from paying the license fee.
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When can you apply for an opinion licensing fee waiver: Timing

An application for exemption from payment of fees if the above requirements exist, can be submitted no later than January 31 of the year.
The subsequent application may be submitted by July of the year in which the application is submitted, but will be valid for the second semester of the year.

Then the procedure is very simple. To make an application, you can access the website of the Revenue Agency and download the forms provided for this purpose and forward the application accordingly.

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