Xbox Game Pass welcomes over 20 indie games on its first day, including STALKER 2 and The Ascent

During the afternoon, Microsoft He devoted all his attention to indie games with the new release of ID @ Xbox Showcase. The Redmond giant has now determined that More than 20 titles will arrive on display on the first day in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Game Pass looks like a great place to enjoy indie games in 2021. Among the titles that will arrive since launch in the On-Demand service catalog, we have Stalker 2, Boarding, Hello Neihghbor 2Astra in ascending order OMNOAnd many more. Below, we provide the complete list, along with the names, the platforms within those games will be usable via Xbox Game Pass:

  • Art of the Rally (Cloud e Console – 2021)
  • Astria Ascending (Cloud e Console – 2021)
  • Backbone (Cloud e Console)
  • Boyfriend Dungeon (Console e PC)
  • Craftopia (Console e PC)
  • Dead Hard Disk Drive (ECU)
  • Edge of Eternity (Cloud e Console – 2021)
  • Hello Neighbor 2 (Cloud e Console)
  • Ruina Library (Cloud e Console)
  • Little Witch in the Woods (Cloud e Console)
  • Moonglow Bay (Cloud e Console)
  • Narita Boy (Cloud e Console)
  • Nobody Saves the World (Cloud e Console)
  • Ur (Cloud e Console – Estate 2021)
  • Recompilation (Cloud, Console, PC – 2021)
  • Sable (electronic control unit)
  • She dreams somewhere else (Console e PC)
  • STALKER 2 (Cloud e Console)
  • Ascension (Cloud, Console, PC)
  • Undungeon (Cloud, Console, PC)
  • The Road to the Forest (Cloud e Console)
  • Wild At Heart (console)

ID @ Xbox It has now become a tangible reality to rely on for indie game developers: the software that was opened by Microsoft in its 2013 year It has generated a total of 2 billion dollars In royalties paid to standalone software houses. Important numbers are likely to continue to grow over the next few years. Finally, we take this opportunity to inform you that it has been available since yesterday New list of games on Xbox Games Pass including Octopath Traveler, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadly Fire and more.

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