No one will give this very common food to their dog but it brings enormous benefits to their health

If we had a dog in the house, we would definitely enjoy pampering and spoiling him in various ways. Even through feeding.

Often times at the table, we’d definitely wonder if what we’re eating was right for him as well. To give him a bite. Although the dog is an omnivore, it is not certain that his diet should be based exclusively on steak.

In fact, today we will discover how healthy the product we eat every day is for the diet of our four-legged friend. But we never thought we’d put them in the bowl.

This is why no one offers this very popular food to their dog but it brings tremendous benefits to their health.

Solution from the refrigerator

The food we are talking about can easily be found in the dairy section of the supermarket. It is in the fridge of many Italians. It is simply yogurt.

But be careful, as we are not talking about all types of this dairy product. In fact, some can be harmful to a dog. In fact, we recommend avoiding fruit yogurt or yogurt that contain sugars Lactose. Instead, we totally prefer natural and probiotic jars.

Benefits of low-fat yogurt

Low-fat yogurt is an important source of protein for our pet. No one will give this very common food to their dog but it brings enormous benefits to their health.

The minerals and vitamins it contains stimulate its proper growth, while the lactic yeast aids digestion and strengthens the immune system.

However, it is also beneficial in the event of dog constipation and in restoring the bacterial bacteria in the animal’s gut.

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How to feed him

Let’s start with small doses, perhaps by letting him lick off the rest of the jar. In fact, we cannot be sure that our animal tolerates all of the substances in yogurt. A good clue is the color and consistency of the stool: If it looks different from normal, it is best to stop letting it eat.

On the other hand, if we don’t find any changes, we can gradually add a few teaspoons of low-fat yogurt to our home crackers or recipes.

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