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from Alessio Lana

Just press a button to stop recording and resume it later

A small step forward for Whatsapp which is experiencing audio message pause. over there Who apologizes every time he sends one (but then keeps sending it) and those who indulge in very long soliloquy (Which we speed up regularly) has and My voiceIn the end, they invaded our daily communications. Now for the novelty let’s improve it.

WhatsApp pause vowels

Whatsapp developers are working on this new feature which allows you to Pause recording and resume later. A useful tool especially when we are interrupted or if we prefer to rearrange thoughts before continuing our conversation.

As seen from the WaBetaInfo video, Pause works just as you’d expect. As usual, you hit the microphone to start recording and then, with another touch, the audio goes into standby mode. Just tap it again to restart it from where it left off.

Unclear timing

The voice message can be blocked and resumed multiple times, with all due respect to those who can’t stand it. Among other things, the timing of the release is still unclear, but according to internal sources, it should reach both Android and iOS.

October 12, 2021 (changed October 12, 2021 | 12:52pm)

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