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The race shrine

Thanks for joining us, our life ends here. A date in the upcoming races!

13.38 Wonderful feelings for Bill Pais towards Beijing 2022: the medal in this discipline should be a goal!

13.37 After the Visintin / Moioli silver two years ago came another place of honor, the change is the man in the opening, this time it is up to Lorenzo Sommariva.

13.36 Let’s remember Italy 2’s sixth square with Visintin and Brutto.

13.35 bronze medals to France 2nd, while the United States fourth.

13.34 The Wonderful Silver of Italy! Lorenzo Sommariva and Michela Moioli were second at the end of the super race. Double medal for Moioli in Two Days, Bel Paese mounts himself in snow in Idre.

13.34 – Australia won in the team event: Gold Hughes and Brockhoff.

13.33 What a pity! At the straight end of the faults is for Moyuli who loses his speed and is overtaken by Brockhoff.

13.32 Moyuli in command!

13.31 Brockhoff leaves Michela Moyuli for the company!

13.30 Michela Moyuli will need a great comeback to play for gold. Medals are more than on hand.

13.29 An excellent run, well done by Lorenzo Sommariva. Blue in second place: Australia with Hughes flee, 77 cents on Italy, then France 2 and the United States.

13.28 Let’s get started! Lorenzo Somareva should give a good spot to Michela Moyuli.

13.27 Final Within Hand of the Blues: You can shoot the big shot.

13.26 In the Grand Final with the Blues, there will be the United States (Kearney / Golini), Australia (Hughes / Brockhoff) and France II (Blai Jack / Pereira de Souza).

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13.25 Now, the key moment: Lorenzo Somareva and Michela Moyuli play for the gold medal.

13.23 Everything happens in the junior final: Austria and Italy on the ground. Czech Republic 5th place, Vicentin / Proto 6th.

13.21 Himerl and Vicentan are practically equal in merit. Italy and Austria to fight for fifth place. Now women.

13.18 The Junior Final begins: Proto-Vicentine’s top 5 goals.

13.12 Now clearly a few minutes of pauses to allow the athletes to climb.

13.09 But first the Junior Final with Visintin / Brutto to challenge the Czech Republic, Austria 1 and Canada 2.

13.08 The United States and Australia advanced, competing Italy 1 and France 2.

13.03 The second semi-final starts with Austria 1, the Czech Republic, the United States 1 and Australia 1.

13.01 Michela Moyuli and Lorenzo Somareva in the Final! Too bad for Raphaela Proto and Omer Vicentine ouster. Together with Italy 1, France 2 is leading.

13.00 Moyuli and Ugly matches!

12.59 All is very balanced: Canada 2 crosses the finish first first, but Visintin and Sommariva are only a few cents. Everything will be decided between the women.

12.57 The race starts with Moioli / Sommariva and Brutto / Visintin, to challenge France 2 and Canada 2.

12.56 Everything is ready for the semifinals that witness an Italian couple: the dream is to reach the last event together.

12.54 So these are the semi-final pairs.

First: Italy 1, Italy 2, France 2 and Canada 2.

In second place: Austria 1, the Czech Republic, the United States 1, Australia 1.

12.53 The favorites of the United States and Australia are not mistaken when they pass the role.

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12.50 The last quarter-finals: USA 1, Australia 1, Switzerland 1 and Russia 1.

12.47 Exciting: France and Austria 1 (among the candidates) are eliminated and the Czech Republic is advanced.

12.44 The third quarter-final begins. Germany is not leaving.

12.42 In the first semi-final we will find two Italian teams: both Italy 1 (Somariva / Moyuli) and Italy 2 (Vicentin / Proto). With France 2 and Canada 2, there are ample opportunities to hit the decisive action.

12.41 running over Raffaella Brutto! The Blue Return, Beat the Falling Canada, and Win the Quarter Final!

12.38 Visintin is very bad, even fourth. Canada 1 dominates and can escape, but Raffaella Brutto needs to return.

12.37 It’s time for Italy 2 with Omar Visintin and Raffaella Brutto.

12.35 is a pure management by Michela Moioli that France overtakes first, then clearly won. Azzurri in the semifinals.

12.32 Head race for Somareva who won the challenge: 2 years over USA 2 and 28 in France 2. Now it is up to Michela Moyuli to confirm.

12.30 Starts! The Lorenzo Somareva Papers.

12.29 Eder strong winds: Can definitely affect performance.

12.28 Everything is ready at the starting gate of the first heat: immediately Italy 1.

12.24 The draw is somewhat favorable for Proto and Vicente: the most likely candidates will be Canada 1, but Canada 2 and Switzerland 2 more than winnable.

12.22 In the battery with Moioli and Sommariva, we will find France 2, USA 2 and Russia 2, the opponents that cannot be defeated.

12.20 The race will start at 12.30.

12.17 Two teams for Italy: a squad that participated in the first tournament with Michela Moyolli and Lorenzo Somareeva, while Italy will be second with veterans Rafaela Proto and Omar Vicentine in the second.

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12.16 The team test is scheduled today: Sixteen teams are participating, which will start from the quarter-finals.

12.15 Hello and welcome to the World Figure Skating Championships.

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE by Teams test in the 2021 World Snowboard Championship In it from Idre. A race that has been part of the World Championship program for years, a race that provides a presence for every national team for a man and a woman taking turns in the tournament, and is even more important in light of the upcoming season since then. It will also join the Olympic calendar from Beijing 2022And thus awarding medals to five circles.

Important opportunities for Italy On the Swedish snow. Two of the pairs will actually be at the beginning of the final stages (we’ll start in the quarter-finals, with sixteen teams in the race). For the first Italian team lined up at the start Lorenzo Somareva Especially Michela MoyuliYesterday, silver medal in the individual test. Italia II was instead formed by ancient warrior Omar Vicentin and Raphaela Proto. The two teams can have their say: Two years ago the Visintin-Moioli silver arrived in the United States.

The appointment is at 12.30 so you never miss a thing from the world championship race.

Photo: Fisi / Pentaphoto

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