A citizen of Stroudsburg represents the United States National Equestrian Team in Italy

The US equestrian company announced its participation in the 2021 World Endurance Championship, and a Monroe County citizen will be one of only five representatives of US teams in the International Federation of Equestrian Sports.

Holly Corcoran, who is originally from Stroudsburg, will ride her 2007 Arabian eunuch named Poete at the championship event, which will take place at the San Russoor Ranch in Pisa, Italy on May 22. The six-stage, 160-kilometer race will begin at 7:00 AM local time on May 22.

Corcoran also has a second horse that will compete in the World Endurance Championship, a 2011 Arabian mare called Poetrie, which will be ridden by Hannah Whitman.

Compiling this year’s roster adds to the list of successes for Corcoran, who in January 2020 ranked the International Equestrian Sports Federation as the world’s No. 1 endurance competitor. Corcoran maintained its top ten ranking through July 2020 and climbed to finish the year in ninth place.

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