The delegation of San Marino presented •

With the flags handed over during the opening ceremony on July 23, an adventure San Marino team who will participate in Tokyo Olympics Officially started.

as tradition delegation Early in the afternoon in a formal audience by Excellent Captains Regent Giancarlo Venturini and Marco Nicolini for the classic Good luck And to get San Marino flag handover. Indeed signs because by adhering to the invitation of the International Olympic Committee to indicate a Double, man and womanThe negatives identified the two athletes who would raise the banner during the opening ceremony. It’s about the swimmer Ariana Falloni, younger than she carried her with her twenty years, and Miles Nazim Amin Molaroni. The wrestler, busy with a busy training schedule in the US, was not present at today’s session. In its place the flag was withdrawn from Chief of Mission Federico Valentini.

For the rest of the athletes in attendance, starting at Alessandra Pirelli, in his third Olympic participation, continuing with his discipline partner (skeet shooting) Gian Marco Berti and judoka Paolo Persoglia. Everyone is clearly excited and ready to raise the name of San Marino at the Olympics. An Olympics will not be like the rest of the Olympics, but it is heavily conditioned by health measures to combat Covid and the absence of the public.

“We will be very careful to respect the protocols, for the health of the athletes but also for the respect of the host population – said the head of the cons Gian Primo Giardi Introducing the team to the Regency -. I hope Tokyo 2020 will represent a new spring, the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Be proud of being a worthy representative of our republic – Heads of state informed the athletes -. Know that even in moments of great tension you will not be alone, because all San Marinos will ideally be by your side to support you.”

He confirmed the proximity of the institutions in the presence of the Minister of State for Sports Theodore LonverniniWho also participated in the presentation of the team to the press.
Being at the Olympic Games is a great honor for everyone – explained –. It’s for you athletes, but it’s also for organizations. Good luck to all of you.”

On the team that will leave for Tokyo on August 17, President gardens comment: “It’s one of the most quality delegations ever, with two spearheads ranking in the top five in the world rankings in their respective disciplines. We are proud to present a delegation that can take away some satisfaction. The podium at the Olympics? Love comparing it to the roof of the world, like climbing Mount Everest. I can only say that, for the quality of our delegation, on this climb we did not start at 750 meters from Monte Titano, but are much higher.”

There will be a Biancazura delegation on this climb Federico Valentini, the former head of the mission at the two editions of the Mediterranean Games and in the first two editions of the European Games.
“It is a great honor and privilege to lead these wonderful guys. I will do everything in my power to put them in the best conditions to compete. Unfortunately, in this version the problems shift from the sporting side to the health side. Hopefully the athletes will suffer as little as possible. Come on guys, let’s get into it. “.

The team was also accompanied on the Day of Corporate Commitments by the partners of the Olympic Committee on this adventure. “I would like to thank you for the invaluable support provided – The president concluded gardensConsolidated Sponsor Casa di Risparmio and Tim San Marino, Mar.Apps Technical Partner and Giorgia Boutique Partner and Official Apparel Supplier to the delegation.”

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