“Without a seat 0.3%. And now I deplore the forgery”

Luis Roberto Lorenzato, the League’s outgoing deputy and centre-right candidate in South America, won just 0.3% of the vote. He appealed because, as he explained to Il Giornale, “there is an absurd contradiction in the votes the center-right has received in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies”. Lorenzato is angry: “All parties have almost the same votes, only the center-right coalition had 12,000 fewer votes in the council, which is an inexplicable difference because whoever votes for the center-right for a senator does so for a deputy.” For Lorenzato, the explanation is widespread fraud. “It was huge, especially in Argentina, with ballots being held and vote rigging. A Uruguayan politician, linked to another list, has even been immortalized in a video released to voters in the manner of voting instructions in which he placed his preference on another voter’s ballot paper, a woman, not the same. so received. This is a crime, isn’t it? ‘ asks Lorenzato. In the disintegration of South America, specifically in Buenos Aires, voters had received a flood of fake ballot papers written in Spanish already marked by a preference for a candidate from an opposition list to a center-right list. “A scam with papers scanned with the same votes as those who then got more votes,” he complains. “It is absolutely necessary to check, also because Argentina was the only country where the turnout increased, while in Brazil and in all other countries it decreased,” he continues. He then explains: “We asked for a recount of the canceled votes, 60,000 in South America because they didn’t have an X in the logo ball. It is absurd and I am sure I will get my seat back, which has now needlessly passed to another Democratic candidate.” In Brazil, both centre-right candidates got more favours, both twice former F1 champion Fittipaldi and Lorenzato himself. “We won everywhere, except in Argentina and because of the coefficient of the remainder which, as we have mentioned, with respect to the room, is neither in heaven nor on earth.”

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