Besides having gaps in memory and loss of attention, it is the body that foreshadows the arrival of dementia

The high daily stress we are exposed to begins to impair our brain capacity and mental flexibility long before we reach old age. Unfortunately, in some cases It is not age that causes the brain to lose beats as much as twice as unexpectedly. Because in fact, those who are still young and in excellent health cannot be completely immune to cognitive deficits. Certain cognitive resources and regions of the brain experience the aggressiveness of certain disorders and diseases even before middle age. In this sense, it can help to recognize in time those signals sent by both the mind and the body that are often ignored. so this 5 symptoms that indicate that the brain suffers from dementiaThere are also other difficulties that can arise.

Many find it comforting and relaxing to pretend that only fatigue causes sudden darkness in the mind and frequent forgetfulness. In fact, along with memory lapses and loss of attention, it is the body that heralds the arrival of dementia. especially The brain and memory begin to betray even the least old if these three difficulties arise which did not exist before in everyday life. Often these are small changes that are assumed to be only temporary and will fade over time. But precisely because it does not disable these minor inconveniences, it does not receive due attention when it should instead lead to neurological examinations.

Besides having gaps in memory and loss of attention, it is the body that foreshadows the arrival of dementia

Unfortunately, the loss of certain skills and abilities to perform normal daily tasks is a clear indication of mental disorder. In fact, it is often possible to predict both cognitive decline and neurodegenerative disease progression as well from a different way of walking. Recent investigations Some researchers have found a strong association between walking speed and the appearance of damage to specific areas of the brain.

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Although it may seem like a purely mechanical activity, walking requires the involvement of multiple brain regions. Thus, what appears to be a simple mechanism actually requires the coordinated action of different cognitive abilities. So be careful if your speed starts to slow down and your walking speed drops or the way you move changes. In these cases, the first signs of dementia can be recorded and deterioration in cognitive function cannot be ruled out.

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