Beats the new controls for every ATM withdrawal

Really strong controls around Italians and especially their economic habits.

Let’s see what changes regarding the extension ATM and payments. The government has unleashed very strong pressure on payments to checking accounts and ATMs.

The purpose of this compression is quite clear: fight tax evasion. Therefore, the government targets tax evasion and money laundering, and to combat these two threats, the executive branch is It provides you with unprecedented tools.

Bancomat: What changes from June on payments

First of all, merchants will be prevented from refusing to pay by card or ATM. From June which dealer will be Fully obligated to accept traceable payments He will no longer be able to make any excuses to that effect.

Second, pay attention to the cash payments you make. In fact, if the limit is currently €2,000 From the beginning of next year starts from 1000 euros. If you exceed the limits set for cash payment, fines of up to €50,000 will apply.

Maximum limits cannot be exceeded

A real sting for those who pay cash exceeds thresholds Which, as we have seen, is declining. But this is not enough. The government has intervened in a number of ways that make it more difficult for the citizens Evasion and certainly the most powerful intervention is the so-called super-record of bank current accounts. Thanks to this tool of the Revenue Agency and the Guardia di Finanza It becomes very easy to check all the movements of the taxpayer from the ATM. By closely monitoring a revenue agency’s automated teller machine, it becomes very easy to spot all those anomalous movements and all those spending habits. Which does not appear consistent with the income tax return for the family unit.

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The strongest checks in ATMs and accounts

So the ATM becomes one double spy to the tax officer. on the one hand they traceable payments Using a debit or credit card to tell the revenue agency all about the family unit. But on the other hand too Calculates old cash withdrawals To understand whether what was announced actually corresponds to what has already been collected. Therefore, with regard to ATM withdrawals, everything changes for Italians because it is precisely the withdrawal that provides the most important information to the tax authorities.

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