Who is Jerry Cardinale, the banker who leads RedBird Capital

Who is Jerry Cardinale? The past 24 hours have been a decisive step for the club’s future at Milan. American society Redbird Capital It was accelerated by the Elliott Fund’s bid of 1.3 billion euros to buy Rossoneri club. At the same time, the fund is based in Bahrain Investcorp He announced his retirement from the race to take control of Milan, paving the way for the American company.

RedBird was founded in 2014 by Gerry Cardinale and within eight years of activity, it has been run by 6 billion dollars Its assets are mainly in leading vertical sectors such as sports, telecommunications, financial services and consumers. The goal is to arrive in a short time 11 billion in assets under management. But who is Jerry Cardinale? What was your career before RedBird?

Who is Jerry Cardinale – from Goldman Sachs to Redbird

In addition to being its founder, Jerry Cardinal – who takes pride in a respected heritage of More than 1 billion dollars He also acts as a managing partner for RedBird Capital. As mentioned earlier, the company’s founding dates back to 2014 and can be seen as a natural extension of Cardinale’s more than 20-year career at the US investment bank. Goldman Sachs.

At the studies level, Cardinale holds honors from Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude and an MA in “Politics and Political Theory” from Oxford, where he also received a Rhodes Scholarship.

At Goldman, he was a corporate partner and senior leader of the investment bank’s private equity investment business, managing more than $100 billion in private equity, debt, real estate and infrastructure investment strategies. Cardinale has also served on the Goldman Investment Committee and the Bank’s American Partnership Committee.

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During his time at Goldman Sachs, Jerry worked with contractors to build many of them Billion dollar companies successful, including Yankees Leisure & Sports (“Yes”) The Network, the premier regional sports network in the United States; Legends Hospitality, a premium ticketing, licensing and marketing company created in partnership with the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys; And Suddenlink Communicationswhich was one of the largest American cable companies at the time of its acquisition by Altice.

At the core of the entrepreneur’s philosophy – he reads his bio on RedBird – there has always been a great deal of collaboration with the founders and entrepreneurs behind his investments. To this end, in addition to his extensive portfolio-level responsibilities with RedBird, Cardinale is personally active in a number of companies including the YES Network, Fenway Sports Groupand Skydance Media, Compass Data Centers, The SpringHill Company, Wasserman Media Group, and XFL.

Jerry also oversees teams that create value across companies, covering portfolio management, finance and other aspects of the business. Finally, Cardinale personally works to ensure that the company maintains its commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion across businesses.

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