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Australia and France united in a caravan of freedom

People are tired, very tired. Having been deceived and deceived for so long, she now only wants to protest and rebel. Not everyone sleeps from the TV as in Italy.

Today, the “Freedom Caravan” has united almost two places in the counter-vectors, the worldwide protest against vaccination obligations, lockdowns and the many green lanes, Covid Pass, etc. A campaign set off from Canada, where it focused on Justin Trudeau, and where Ottawa was closed off, but also the bridges connecting Canada and the United States, and where they are preparing to violently purge them.

Anyway, here’s the crowd gathered in front of the Parliament of Canberra. If you consider the Australian capital to be a relatively small city, with a population of no more than 400,000, and located in the middle of nowhere, then a large number of people who have traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometers.

There have also been some arrests, fortunately few.

Meanwhile, also in Paris, where the police did everything to prevent trucks from reaching the center, as we’ll see later. Despite this, there was a large procession that traveled down the Champs-Elysées.

There were clashes with police who fired the only gas currently available at low prices in France and throughout the European Union: tear gas. In this case, it was used in such large quantities, that it gassed people who were eating lunch in restaurants on Famous Avenue.

We also see the French police behave in a friendly manner with those who go to protests and provide them with the necessary assistance

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The police erected anti-truck barricades and even cut off traffic on the Paris Ring Road, such was the fear of the Freedom Caravan. But now there are many blows to the suppression of freedom.

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